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The continent of Africa has reached its developmental tipping point. It is now recognized as the region central to global economic growth. Although Africa still faces the enormous challenges of underdevelopment, several of its countries have shown tremendous stability and high economic growth. With this and its huge natural and human resources, it is ready for developmental transformation.

The ongoing regional integration processes on the continent and the Africa Union vision for continental economic integration hold tremendous promise for the continent’s renewal. The “Agenda 2063” Pan-African vision of the African Union is an invitation for all Africans to engage with the vision of Africa we want to create. It has a dual approach of geographical integration and development of people of African descent. The biggest obstacle standing in the way of our realization of the Africa we want to create is the huge complexity and diversity of Africans: geographical, tribal, religious, racial and linguistic. Instillation of a unitary African consciousness is crucial to compliments the process of economic development of the continent that is under way.

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